My dreamy picks from the latest Zimmerman Ready To Wear and accessories. My favorite of them all is the lace mini dress. This lovely lace is a classic buff hue with a beautiful black ribbon neck tie which can be removed. Simply perfect for holiday parties, weddings, and formal occasions. Available at

Espionage Corded Lace Mini in Buff
Mid Length Zip Lycra Boot
Leather Beret in black

Espionage Corded Lace Gown in Buff
Wrap Ball Earrings
Leather Beret in black
Flutter Oval Sunglasses in black
Envelope Wrislet Bag
Metallic Kitten Heel Bootie in gold

Espionage Corded Lace Blouse in Buff
Espionage Ballet Skirt
Tall Metallic Boot in Mahogany
Leather Beret in black